Jonathan K Seidel

I began woodworking in the early 1960's, making many of my home furnishings and a few wooden canoes. Most of my work is in the Colonial and Folk Art styles. When my wife needed supplies for her weaving hobby, I began making rag shuttles and developing an interest in the weaving process. In the 1990's I began focusing on crafting reproduction and original design tape and paddle looms, selling them on e-bay and to re-enactors for demonstration purposes. For those not familiar with tape and paddle looms (also known as box, band. or trim looms) - a little history. Before zippers, snaps, and velcro were available, people depended on tapes as an inexpensive way to close everything from clothing to sacks. These small portable looms were used to weave the tapes that served as shoestrings, bonnet ties and hat bands as well as decorative trim. Many children learned to weave on tape and paddle looms as they were simple to operate and an excellent introduction to the weaving process. Modern day handweavers still use tape looms not only for demonstration purposes but also to make belts, hair ties, bookmarks, and other decorative and useful items. My looms are made from a variety of woods such as maple, cherry, and walnut. A handcrafted shuttle is supplied with each loom. Pre-threading is also available at no additional charge. Custom designs and special orders will be considered. Thank you for your interest in my work. Please enjoy your visit!.